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Smt Kiran Ulfat Goyal

Mrs. Kiran Ulfat Goyal is a Chief Promoter & Executive of Nanhi Dunya "The International Movement of Children & their Friends".  She was born in Dehra Dun in a family of educationists and social workers. She has received her MA in vocal music from Punjab University and a B.Ed. from Allahabad University. She has also studied Anthroposphy in Emerson College UK.

As stated by Mrs Kiran Ulfat Goyal, “I was always interested in education and felt a real desire to help my parents in their important mission. My parents Prof. Lekh Raj Ulfat and H Sadhana Ulfat founded Nanhi Dunya, (The International Movement for Children & their Friends) in 1946. Nanhi Dunya is a registered society working in the fields of education, child and women welfare, education for children in need of special care and children from economically deprived backgrounds. Nanhi Dunya aims to find new dimensions in the field of education and Holistic living”.


She is the publisher and editor of Nanhi Dunya (Hindi children monthly magazine) which contains children literature and other useful information for those interested in the educational training and upbringing of children. She is     a life member of The Indian Council for Child Welfare, All Indian Federation of Education. She is also the member of “The Film writers Association.”


She was elected as a member of child welfare committee of Dehradun district Uttarakhand and was given a power to implement the powers conferred by section 68 of JUVENILE JUSTICE (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2000 ( Act no. 56 of 2000). She has been recognized for her outstanding contribution in the field of Education & child.

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