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Nanhi Dunya Centres

Nanhi Dunya literally translated means the ‘little world’. It intentionally develops small human-scale initiatives and has no wish to build large industrial schools. Therefore whenever possible a new centre was created at the doorsteps of children’s homes and communities. The small student-teacher ratio in Nanhi Dunya enables the teachers to give full-hearted attention to each individual. A unique process of personalized active learning has been made possible.

Mr. John B Thomson, a close friend of the movement said “What Prof. Lekh Raj & Mrs Sadhana Ulfat created many years ago was an inspiration. They seem to know that if one is going to make anything really great, one has to make it small.” He added “We have built a very big complicated world. We can all fly to every corner of the world in a few hours yet we know that this world which we have created is often impersonal. A world that is sometimes beyond the measure of human beings. When we build a small world, it is reachable, we can reach other human beings and make new friends. And so, we can build many small worlds and in these small worlds everyone can find his or her space, every talent, every capacity, every aspiration, every memory, every intention can be realized. Nanhi Dunya is such a unique small world of possibilities.”

‘Small is beautiful’ has been the guiding principle for building the Nanhi Dunya centers. It is in a human-scale artistic environment that the individual blossoms fully. Here one gets an opportunity to mirror each other, inquire and share their findings, learn new skills, and discover their true selves by working together in everyday life. Nanhi Dunya was built out of small contributions of its friends.


Rural Development Projects

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