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Chief Educational Co-ordinator


Alok Ulfat Sharma

Alok Ulfat believes the Self and the environment are constantly changing. Relationships between things and beings are also changing. All names and forms emerge from the Whole, like waves from the ocean. Space is infinite and allows for free movement.  


The Universe is inspiring, nature is abundant and human beings have tremendous potential. The mind is naturally curious, amazingly inventive and constantly seeking new possibilities. Ongoing spiritual and scientific research has contributed to the development of a better world. Various communities have social structures with the aim of leading a healthy life. All human-made traditions and systems are constantly challenged, and whenever necessary, progressive communities renew purposeless ones, and even replace them. 


'Purush' (man) is essentially divine. 'Prakriti' (nature) is perfect, rhythmic and balanced. It provides for everyone's need without discrimination. 'Vikriti' (non-nature, imbalance, and that which is non-renewable) is created out of ignorance, greed and conflict. No 'one' ideal way can be prescribed for the happiness of the entire human race. AVIKAL respects all individual point of views that create universal harmony. Truth remains eternal, absolute and timeless.

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