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The main aim of Nanhi Dunya at the time of its foundation was to contribute to a peaceful, sustainable and integrated world, where all living beings can live and grow in universal harmony.

 Welfare, Service and Happiness of Children.

Nanhi Dunya's aims in education:
- Bringing to full flowering each child’s physical, social and intellectual capacities
- Promotion of equality between rich and poor
- Education towards community-wide co-operation
- Recognizing the artist in each childSpiritual growing of the individual
- Integrating the children in special needs like those with hearing and speech impediments, autistic, down syndrome, slow learners and other such children into main-stream schools
- Both the handicapped and their fellow pupils benefit from learning how to co-exist.



The curriculum from Nanhi Dunya is inspired by the ideas of Prof. Lekh Raj Ulfat, Gandhi, anthroposophy and the Waldorf educationand is well connected to alternative educational initiatives of India and abroad

The main aspects of the curriculum are:

1. Artistic growth of the individual

2. Maximum performance of intellectual, social and manual capacities in economic life.

3. Integrating the children with special need into the education process - Inclusive education.

4. Education towards community-wide co-operation

5. Equality of rich and poor.

6. Help in replenishing the Earth by spreading awareness and working with nature.


Nanhi Dunya Movement is inspired by the Waldorf education .


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