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About US


Nanhi Dunya “The International Movement of Children and Their Friends” was founded in 1946 by Prof.Lekh Raj Ulfat (1920-1991). In 1952, he was joined by his wife Smt. H.Sadhana Ulfat. Together with their friends they worked selflessly for the expansion of activities and evolution of the movement.


The main aim of Nanhi Dunya at the time of its foundation was to contribute to a peaceful, sustainable and integrated world, where all living beings can live and grow in universal harmony. Nanhi Dunya movement is primarily committed to serve children as they are the creators of the future. Prof. Lekh Raj Ulfat always believed that- “The little world of today’s children can make or mar (ruin) the big world of tomorrow. To help in the evolution of new human beings complete, balanced, just and independent, let us live to serve the child. These little beings of the future in turn will be able to contribute positively to their own development and world evolution spiritually, scientifically and aesthetically”.


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