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 The International Movement of Children & their Friends

Nanhi Dunya 'The International Movement of Children & Their Friends” was founded in 1946 by Prof.Lekh Raj Ulfat (1920-1991). In 1952, he was joined by his wife Smt. H. Sadhana Ulfat. Together with their friends they worked selflessly for the expansion of activities and evolution of the movement.


From a humble beginning with eight children grouped around a tree listening to stories and playing games, Nanhi Dunya has grown into a widespread social movement which is at present conducting various projects and programmes for children, women and youth through various centres in and around the Dehradun Valley in Northern India.


There are 1500 children attending these centers between the age group of 3 to 16 years of age. The total no of children in each of these centres varies from 60 to 600.


The main aim of Nanhi Dunya at the time of its foundation was to contribute to a peaceful, sustainable and integrated world, where all living beings can live and grow in universal harmony.

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